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Nursing Tea

For the special needs of mothers-to-be towards the end of pregnancy and for mothers during breast-feeding period: Aromatic Tea with a finely mixed blend of high-quality herbs and fruits. This well-balanced combination of selected ingredients (such as fennel and verbena) verifiably promotes milk production* and helps to balance the increased need for fluids during the breast-feeding period.

Good to know for you:

  • For breast-feeding mothers, for mothers-to-be towards the end of pregnancy
  • Verifiably promotes milk production
  • Mild and gentle
  • No added flavourings, colourings or preservatives (according to law)
  • Content: 200 g

*Clinical tests have proven: Humana Nursing Tea supports lactation (according to The Effects of Galactogogual Herbal Tea (Still-Tee, Humana) on the quantity of material milk production after the first week of birth and infant weight loss, Ankara 2008)