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About Humana

Humana has developed and produced high-quality baby food from first-class raw materials for 60 years. In this, we set great store by careful processing and the most stringent quality standards, so that your child gets everything it needs for a healthy diet from the very start.
In 1950 Humana introduced the first infant formula to approximate breastmilk most closely on the German market. Since this time we have developed our range continuously. Today we offer products that are designed to be used with each other from the very first day until after the first year of life.

From Herford all over the world

In over 50 countries in Europe and beyond parents have relied on Humana baby formula from Herford for decades. Our own subsidiaries in Italy, Spain and Portugal as well as long-term distribution partners are responsible for sales.

Humana GmbH in Herford is a subsidiary of DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH, DMK for short.  DMK is supported by more than 11,000 active dairy farmers with 6.7 billion kilograms of milk.  This is used to make, amongst other things, fresh dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and quark, cheese, milk-based ingredients for the food industry as

well as baby food, ice-cream and health products at 23 locations with the help of around 5,500 employees.  With a turnover of around 4 billion Euro it is also one of the top ten companies in Europe in the dairy industry.


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